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OTC GLOBAL LP – Merchant Agreggator Services (hereafter referred to as the "Service Provider").
Through this manifesto under protest to tell the truth that I am the last cardholder of the Debit / Credit Card (the · Card ") that in this
I present to the Establishment and / or send a copy of this together with my official identification to the email of, and that is issued in favor of the one signed by the banking institution that I have.
I accept that there will be a charge up to the amount described in this ticket i need to fill (please fully detail the service and the Establishment), invoice or commercial document for the establishment issued, through its platform for acceptance of electronic means of payment, expressly accepting before the Establishment and any credit institution, participant in the networks of means of disposal and / or any entity related to the payment system National and international .
In addition I add that I have been informed of the characteristics of the agreement between de Service Provider and the Establishment, and I fully accept the cancellation policies of the Service Provider (5 days after payment) and I accept that any conflict with the Establishment after that date, I will address it directly with the online site provider of the product.